eCommerce entrepreneur and angel investor

Andy Sartori is the founder and CEO of He is also an angel investor in early stage consumer startups.



Andy Sartori invests in and provides deep operational support to early stage startups.

Portfolio companies receive money, and access Andy's incubation program where they receive mentorship, and office/facility access in Sacramento, CA.

Sectors of Focus

Food. eCommerce. Online retailers in every major product category.

Funding Stage

Seed. This is the earliest stage of venture funding. It pays your expenses while you're getting started.

Target Investmet

~$50k for ~5% equity.


Providing mentorship and expertise to strengthen portfolio companies in key areas:

1. Web Development and Dev Ops

  • Access to proprietary SaaS modules for CRM, shipping label interface, customer dashboard...
  • Online payment processing
  • Security and PCI compliance
  • Subscription automation software

2. Product Fulfillment

  • Discounted UPS shipping rates.
  • Everything for product packaging including cardboard boxes, custom moldings, retail displays.
  • Order picking & pulling, material handling equipment.

3. Customer Acquisiton

  • Review of the sales funnel at all stages of the customer journey.
  • Paid ads: Google, Bing, Facebook
  • Google Analytics and Tag manager.
  • UX Design and Conversion Rate Optimization.


What does Andy look for when investing in a startup?

Andy invests in a small number of businesses that aspire to lead their markets. Founders come to us at a very specific stage of growth. They've discovered the secret sauce. They're growing rapidly. Then, there's an inflection point when more complex growth challenges - or opportunities - emerge.

The product or service

Show us you are building a product other people want to buy. We are looking for hard-working, ambitious founders who want to change the game with proven products and technology that customers can't live without.

Customer acquisition method

Show us your customer acquisiton and retention method. You should be growing significantly faster (by percentage) the smaller you are. Software startups should be growing faster than supply chain intensive startups.

Ability to execute the vision

We look for passionate founders who have the proven chops to execute a plan. Show us your bootstrapped roots and growth trajectory. We’ll give you the support to meet your goals and lengthen your stride.

Market size of $1 Billion+

To have any hopes towards growing into a public company there should be a substantial market opportunity. Show us your aspirations for greatness and passion to win. We’ll help you level up.

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